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Kübler Hungary Kft. company data


Company data of the Kübler Hungary limited liability company

Kübler Hungary Kft. cégadatok
  • Name: Kübler Hungary limited liability company
  • Short name: Kübler Hungary Ltd.
  • Co. Seat: H-3700 Kazincbarcika, Bercsényi u. 4.
  • Mail Address: H-3701 Kazincbarcika, P.o. Box.: 156.
  • Register number: 05-09-002085
  • TAX ID: 11060541-2-05
  • TAX IDEU: HU11060541
  • Statistics number: 11060541-1412-113-05
  • Company form: limited liability company
  • Registered: 02/06/1992
  • Equity capital: 720.000.000 HUF
  • Activity: Production of workwear, wholesale of clothing and footwear, retail sale of clothing
  • Legal representative: Mr. Zoltan Salga – managing director
  • Legal representative: Ms. Istvanne Janosi – company director

Kübler-Salzol Ltd.

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